2 Responses to Circles and Circle Process

  1. julie bradford says:

    i agree with your statement: “Circle (my words: the process) tie tightly to Restorative Justice due to its relationship building nature”. It seems to me that cultures using a circle process regularly as part of their community have greater ‘generational’ connections. I mean that youth seem willing to spend time with parents, and grandparents. Perhaps Restorative Justice may benefit the family elders, though many families in our society are single generations.

  2. I think the tradition of family dinners are definitely a form of circles. While there can often be a hierarchical process or feel to those meals the more people can sit with each other the better. Your comment addressing the generational aspects that rarely exist in our families is a perspective that I can get behind. If you think about how some family traditions exclude or relegate young people to the “kids table” and connect that to how youth are view and perceived. Do those youth have the same value as adults? Those that do that are sending the message of No, you’re not as important as the adults.
    The questions becomes how to families maximize this opportunity for connection during family events? I think each family has the best answers from themselves.

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