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Nicholas Bradford: I have been a life-long student of conflict and education. I started myHeadshot journey interested in education, specifically democratic, experiential and progressive education. Through happenstance I took the long road to education.  I had the opportunity to facilitate ropes courses, work in a half-way house for young men returning from prison, and wilderness education. I was diverted away from the traditional classroom and in Vermont I found my way toward Restorative Justice. This has been a galvanizing force in my life. After two years in Vermont I moved back to Washington. Finding little Restorative Justice in the greater Seattle area, I plugged into the Dispute Resolution Centers. I have become a Mentor Mediator and have blended that experience into my RJ facilitation.  I received my Masters Degree in Education Policy from the University of Washington in 2012.  My studies spanned many of the policy problems of discipline from school resource officers, zero-tolerance, the school-to-prison pipeline, and disproportionality in discipline.

This work was often examined through a restorative lens. My passion is in alternative discipline models for Juvenile Justice, Schools, Colleges, and Youth Development Agencies.

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Nicholas Bradford

3 Responses to Who we are: Contact

  1. Mao says:

    How can I get in touch with you?

  2. Heidi says:

    Hello, I would like to take some trainings about starting a restorative justice program at our middle school. Do you have any resources to check out?

    • freya newstat says:

      Hello Heidi,
      Can you tell me a little bit more of what type of program? Something for regular circles in the school teaching RJ principles? Or something for when children physically harm one another? Something for your staff to be implementing with each other? Please let me know what you are envisioning and I can give you better resources/referrals that way.

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