Cooperation as Leadership (relates to RJ on a couple points)

While this is long(ish) it is really wonderful.  Not only is Yves Morieux accent delightful to the ears, he make wonderful points regarding leadership.  He starts with explaining the problem, workers are disengaged from their work.  They are also disengaged from what the company and coworkers do…  In fact many (of us) are actively disengaged, actively doing other things (read: social media).  He explains the hard and soft styles of leadership.  The hard leadership style creates systems and measures everything; they create matrices and KPIs (key performance indicators).  The soft creates positive relationships.  We have team building exercises, we build interpersonal skills.  These are both obsolete.

He states that COOPERATION is the key to business performance.  Creating inter-dependency and empowering teams and individuals to make decisions.  Cooperation is the sharing of resources, tasks, and making trade-offs for the common goal.

So what does this have to do with Restorative Justice and Practices?  Understand that RJ is not about getting to forgiveness or creating friends.  The goal is to articulate the inter-dependency of every relationship.  And that for everyone to get what they need we will need to cooperate.  Our culture teaches that every student should have a set of crayons and makers, their own computer, and individual job to do.  Unfortunately this doesn’t serve us in the long term.  It is much better to replicate the scarcity of the world and force (encourage) youth to share.  It is important to articulate common goals.  Creating interdependent roles are as important as independent projects.  Leadership is cooperation is not only an interesting idea it can unleash the true create and productive potential of our teams and youth.


About rjfacilitator

My experience, education, and passion have met in alternative discipline. Through my policy work and my mediation experience I have worked and studied the dynamic components of discipline in many settings. While Restorative Justice is not the only way to approach conflict in communities, it has provided me an effective model in which to examine and engage in conflict. We provide custom programs for schools, colleges, and youth serving agencies seeking to engage with conflict using healthy and sustainable tools.
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1 Response to Cooperation as Leadership (relates to RJ on a couple points)

  1. julie bradford says:

    as an educator of elementary students, I see the value of his “failure” statement. My students know that if they don’t ask for help or don’t ask questions about the task then the blame is squarely on theirs shoulders. Parents have a hard time understanding this concept-most still feel a need to blame the teacher for their child’s ‘failures’

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