“End Suspension” -Group Demands

Dignity in Schools launched a campaign to end suspensions in schools.  They (rightfully) believe that suspensions are a leading cause of dropouts.  So while this sounds like a campaign to end suspensions, it is really encouraging new approaches to school discipline that reduce the dropout rates.

“Pushout” is a term, often synonymously used, to describe dropping-out.  There is a qualitative difference and an intentional choice when using one word over the other.  “Pushout” places ownership on the system.  There is something that the school system is doing that is incentivizing quitting school.  While “dropout” put the ownership on a 15-17 year old youth.  Certainly both parties have some responsibility to bear, the shift in language highlights the policy choice education professionals make that effect the choices of youth in our care.

This campaign is rooted in the idea that all student deserve the opportunity to attend school.  Those students that are most likely to be suspended are in the greatest need of compassion.

I would recommend any persons interested in ending the School-to-Prison Pipeline take a good hard look at this campaign.

About rjfacilitator

My experience, education, and passion have met in alternative discipline. Through my policy work and my mediation experience I have worked and studied the dynamic components of discipline in many settings. While Restorative Justice is not the only way to approach conflict in communities, it has provided me an effective model in which to examine and engage in conflict. We provide custom programs for schools, colleges, and youth serving agencies seeking to engage with conflict using healthy and sustainable tools.
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